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Janez Susnik

Janez Susnik is a Senior Lecturer in Water Resources Management at IHE Delft Institure for Water Education.

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Janez Susnik

(10 years) Water-energy-food nexus: advances in W-E-F nexus approaches from the Global South

It is just over a decade since the 2011 publications that arguably kick-started modern water-energy-food nexus research (Hoff, 2011; World Economic Forum, 2011). Since then, much research has been published about the nexus, from philosophical studies and critiques, to fundamental/theoretical studies about the nature of WEF interactions, to applied case studies. While many studies have focused on cases in the “developed” world, some of the places most at risk from simultaneous, interacting water, energy, and food issues are located in “developing” nations least able to respond and adapt to changing environmental and social conditions, resource depletion and degradation, and increasing societal demand.

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