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Chigozie Ubah

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Chigozie Ubah is a part-time associate at The Energy Talk with focus on energy transition and renewable energy infrastructure development in Africa. He is a final year engineering undergrad at University of Lagos with interests in pressing issues facing the realization of a just global energy transition by 2030.

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Chigozie Ubah

Dark Knots and Yellow Spots: Sub-Saharan Africa and Energy Access

I’m willing to bet that you’ve seen this picture somewhere. The very first time I saw something resembling the picture above, I was in my home, crouched upon a sofa watching the iconic Ad Astra. Earth was rotating, and just as the eager rays of the sun hit the planet, I caught the glistening night bathing our continents, and with it, clusters of yellow spots. That picture hardly held any significance to me at the time. If only I had more clarity.

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