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Himanshu Gupta

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 Climate Change

Himanshu Gupta is the Co-founder and CEO of ClimateAi, a climate resilience platform that helps companies forecast and therefore mitigate climate change effects and covers topics such as for food, water, and energy security for supply chains. Himanashu and ClimateAI have been recognized by TIME as one the greatest innovations of the year 2022. Before founding ClimateAI, Himanashu worked with Lord Nicholas Stern, another leading illuminem Thought Leader, at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment. Himanashu holds an MBA degree from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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Himanshu Gupta

A radical idea to fund climate adaptation globally

Those facing disproportionate amounts of climate change impacts are in low-income and developing countries in the Global South that are historically least responsible for the emissions causing these climate changes. But they lack the resources to fund adaptation projects that will help them survive these impacts. Hence, the need for a new system that gives companies the opportunity to privately fund climate adaptation measures, in order to recompense their historical emissions and the damage that these emissions have caused.

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