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Jennifer Wilkins

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Jennifer Wilkins is the founder of She provides insights on degrowth, regeneration and sustainability to the business community. She has a business professional background, including an MBA at Warwick Business School, and is currently studying for a master's in degrowth at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

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Jennifer Wilkins

Larry Elliott’s version of degrowth is something else

Larry Elliott, Economics Editor at The Guardian, has written recently about degrowth, promising to show us how to kick our growth addiction as a way out of the climate crisis. Unfortunately, he misunderstands and misrepresents degrowth and paints a dim picture of its potential, centering the problem on poorer nations for their unwillingness to degrow. He has surely undone some of the painstaking work that is underway to properly explain the new concept of degrowth. His lazy article demands a thoughtful response.

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