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Aliénor Rougeot

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Aliénor (Allie) Rougeot is a human-rights advocate focusing on climate justice, who co-founded the group Fridays for Future Toronto. With her co-organisers, she led the large youth climate strikes in late 2019. For her work, she has been recognised by The Starfish in the 25 under 25 Environmentalists, and by Corporate Knights in their 30 Under 30 Sustainability Leaders.

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Aliénor Rougeot

What does a real Just Transition require from Canada?

If Summer 2021 has made anything clear, it's that we can no longer deny the truth: climate change is a present day threat, not a distant probability; Canada’s economy needs to decarbonize fast, given how much of our activities contribute to climate change; if we successfully tackle climate change, oil and gas will soon be energy sources of the past, as the historically pro-oil International Energy Agency recently confirmed; inequalities are at an all time high, and Indigenous, racialized, disabled and low-income communities have suffered the most from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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