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Ryan Hagen

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Ryan Hagen is a self-described sustainability nerd on a mission to help reverse global warming as quickly and equitably as possible. In 2018 he founded Crowdsourcing Sustainability and began writing to inspire and empower people around the world, after working in clean technology for a few years. He decided the best thing he could do was actually to speak up and get as many other people as possible together to accelerate climate action.

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Ryan Hagen

Crowdsourcing Sustainability Search … What makes someone a sustainability leader?

I believe being a sustainability leader is fundamentally about saving and improving as many lives as possible. It’s about helping life on earth to consistently thrive. The best way to do this will inevitably change over time as circumstances change. But right now, in 2021 and for at least the next few decades, humanity is faced with an accelerating climate and ecological emergency.

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