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TOP 10 most read Thought Leaders in Carbon in 2022

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Discover the 2023 ranking of most-read Thought Leaders in Carbon. Enjoy our Thought Leaders of 2022 rankings on Biodiversity, Carbon, Climate Change, Energy Transition, ESG, Hydrogen, Mining and Metals, Power and Utilities, Renewables, Sustainable Business, Sustainable Governance, and Overall.

At we take pride in calling ourselves the “home of sustainability” and in providing a global platform for renowned Thought Leaders to address & constructively debate the most pressing challenges of our time.

Carbon emissions contribute significantly to climate change and understanding how to limit and control them is essential to build a safer and more sustainable future. Today, we are honored to recognize and thank the most-read experts and change-makers who are shaping the debate on carbon, carbon removal, carbon footprint, and other related topics on


Please help us congratulate our TOP 10 Carbon Thought Leaders of the year!

1️⃣ Eve Tamme - Founder, Climate Principles
Country: Netherlands
Latest Thought Piece: Financing Engineered Carbon Removal — Combining Public Funding with Voluntary Carbon Markets​
Profile: Eve Tamme is an internationally recognized senior advisor on climate policy. Her expertise covers the Paris Agreement, the EU Emissions Trading System, carbon markets, climate governance, and carbon removal. Today, she leads Climate Principles.

2️⃣ Robert Höglund - Climate Advisor, Marginal Carbon
Country: Sweden
Latest Thought Piece: You can’t wait to buy carbon removal
Profile: Robert Höglund is an independent advisor leading carbon removal and climate policy projects. He manages the Milkywire climate transformation fund and sits on the board of Mistra sustainable consumption. He previously headed Oxfam Sweden's policy and communications team and took part in the Science-based Target Initiatives' Net-zero expert advisory group.

3️⃣ Jennifer Morgan - Special Envoy for International Climate Action, German Federal Foreign Office & fmr. Executive Director, Greenpeace
Country: Germany
Latest Thought Piece: Offsetting is a dangerous climate lie​
Profile: Jennifer Morgan is the first Special Envoy for International Climate Action for Germany. She is a leading expert on climate issues and civil society advocacy and was voted by Apolitical as one of the world's top 20 most influential people in climate policy. Previously, she was the Executive Director of Greenpeace and has held a series of directorship roles at NGOs, including World Resources Institute, E3G and WWF.

4️⃣ Mark Trexler - CEO, ClimateWeb
Country: United States of America
Latest Thought Piece: Is Carbon Neutrality Dead?​
Profile: Mark Trexler is one of the world’s pioneer in carbon & climate studies, having developed the methodology for the first carbon offset in 1989. He has been a Lead Author for the United Nations IPCC. He now directs the Climatographers and focuses on climate risk knowledge management.

5️⃣ Adrian Mason - Director, GlobalData Energy
Country: United Kingdom
Latest Thought Piece: Why Carbon Capture is not the equal of Hydrogen
Profile: Adrian Mason is a world-renowned opinion maker, serving as Oil and Gas specialist at GlobalData Energy. With more than 25 years of experience, he is one of the top thought-leaders in the industry providing data-informed analysis. He formerly worked for other majors companies, such as Shell, Intertek and IQPC.

6️⃣ Julio Friedmann - Director, Carbon Institute
Country: United States of America
Latest Thought Piece: On the IPCC AR6 WGIII Report: Why Carbon Removal is an Essential Part of Meeting Climate Goals​
Profile: Dr Julio Friedmann is Chief Scientist and Chief Carbon Wrangler at Carbon Direct. He recently served as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Fossil Energy at the US Department of Energy. More recently, he was a Senior Research Scholar at the Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University SIPA.

7️⃣ Andrea Maggiani - CEO, Carbonsink
Country: Italy
Latest Thought Piece: Corporate net-zero: building the toolbox for ambitious climate commitments​
Profile: Andrea Maggiani is the founder and CEO of Carbonsink, one of the first consulting firms specializing in corporate decarbonization and climate risk management strategies, based in Florence and now part of South Pole. Andrea Maggiani has over fifteen years of experience in climate strategy design, carbon finance mechanisms, and carbon project development.

8️⃣ Mark Workman - CEO, Carbon Removal Centre
Country: United Kingdom
Latest Thought Piece: Carbon Removal Governance: Lessons from fracking​
Profile: Mark Workman is Director of Foresight Transitions. He has been working in the carbon removal space for a decade. Mark is also the co-founder of the Carbon Removal Centre and a leading researcher at the Imperial College London.

9️⃣ Erin Burns - Executive Director, Carbon180
Country: United States of America
Latest Thought Piece: The case for federal procurement of carbon removal​
Profile: Erin Burns is the Executive Director of Carbon180. Previously, she worked in the US Senate handling energy, environment, and labor, including staffing for the Energy and Natural Resources Committee and the Public Lands Subcommittee.

🔟 Maria Eugenia Filmanovic - Co-founder, Abatable
Country: Italy
Latest Thought Piece: What is the Carbon Project Development Curve?​
Profile: Maria Eugenia Filmanovic is the Co-Founder and CEO of Abatable, a YC-backed startup building a carbon procurement platform for the voluntary carbon market. She previously worked as a Vice President at Goldman Sachs.

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