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The Top sustainability newsletters everyone should subscribe to

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By illuminem

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As “Home” for Sustainability, illuminem is proud to enhance climate knowledge by providing our community with quality sources and information on the latest sustainability developments.

We are glad to present the recommended Top 10 essential sustainability newsletters that any “professional” (or person interested in sustainability) should read. This list provides a comprehensive overview of key aspects in the sustainability debate, including: environmental sustainability, sustainable business, energy, ESG, and more.


1. Weekly illuminem newsletter

Source: illuminem
Knowledge level: Intermediate 🏭
illuminem's weekly newsletter is one of the world's most read sustainability newsletters, bringing top-tier  news from a variety of sources and its very own thought-provoking content from esteemed global Thought Leaders. It distinguishes itself through exceptional information and compelling Thought Pieces, offering a unique and engaging perspective.


Source: HEATED, Emily Atkin
Knowledge level: Intermediate 🏭
HEATED, founded and written by Emily Atkin, is a prominent and influential climate-focused newsletter. This newsletter delves into a wide array of topics concerning climate change, environmental issues, and climate policy. It captivates readers with its bold headlines and a straightforward message to state a strong point about the concerns of climate change. 

3. The Goodnewsletter

Source: GoodGoodGood Co.
Knowledge level: Beginner 💨
The Goodnewsletter is a source of positive environmental news, countering the media's often negative portrayal of sustainability. It offers a refreshing perspective on current events and shares heartwarming stories of human compassion and resilience. The Goodnewsletter aims to foster unity, empathy, and a sense of purpose among its readers.

 4. Volts

Source: Volts, David Roberts
Knowledge level: Professional 🧠
Curated by David Roberts, a renowned expert in energy and environmental issues, the Volts newsletter is a valuable resource for those passionate about the ongoing energy revolution and its impact on our planet. It fosters informed discussions and raises awareness to those who remain curious about the depth of sustainability.

5. Climate Tech VC

Source: Sightline Climate
Knowledge level: Professional 🧠
An industry leading newsletter powered by Sightline Climate, providing market intelligence and bringing clarity to the new climate economy

 6. The Weekly Planet

Source: The Atlantic
Knowledge level: Intermediate 🏭 
The Weekly Planet offers readers a profound understanding of our complex and ever-changing world. It curates informative  articles, essays, and features that explore pressing global issues, political developments, cultural trends, and societal challenges to inform the public of recent developments concerning the environment

7. Axios Generate 

Source: Axios
Knowledge level: Professional 🧠
The newsletter keeps you up-to-date on the latest developments in energy and climate with comprehensive coverage from Ben Geman and Andrew Freedman. Their insightful analysis delves into policy shifts, scientific advancements, technological innovations, and impactful deals shaping the future of our planet

8. Climate Forward

Source: The New York Times
Knowledge level: Intermediate 🏭
Climate Forward, a project by award-winning journalists and climate experts at The New York Times, presents an expertly curated selection of in-depth articles, analysis, and multimedia content. It delves into the scientific, political, economic, and social dimensions to deliver multiple perspectives. 

9. Semafor Net Zero

Source: Semaphore Net Zero
Knowledge level: Professional 🧠
A newsletter briefing you on the latest developments in climate technology and policy, providing valuable perspectives on the opportunities and challenges facing stakeholders across industries

10. The Climate Graphic: Explained

Source: The Financial Times
Knowledge level: Beginner 💨 
The Climate Graphic: Explained offers insights and analysis into the most current climate data. It simplifies complex concepts from Financial Times articles, making climate and data visualization easy to understand.

 11. Changing Climate Times

Source: Douglas John Imbrogno
Knowledge level: Beginner 💨 
Changing Climate Times, created by writer and creator Douglas John Imbrogno, provides comprehensive sustainability updates. It covers challenges and hopeful news, helping individuals stay updated on climate change developments.

12. Global Climate Change newsletter

Source: NASA 
Knowledge level: Professional 🧠 
The newsletter organised by NASA is a valuable resource that presents a collection of articles and data visualizations on global warming. By providing a visual representation of climate data, the newsletter attempts to enhance our understanding of the challenges posed by global warming and the urgent need for climate action. 

 13. Treehugger Weekly

Source: Treehugger
Knowledge level: Beginner 💨 
The Treehugger offers a curated selection of their latest content, including articles, tips for eco-friendly living, and updates on environmental initiatives. It is perfect for individuals interested in staying informed about the latest developments and trends in the world of sustainability and environmental activism.

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