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Empower the Sustainable Transition with the Most Transparent and Insightful Information and Data

Being part of illuminem means embracing a mission larger than ourselves, a commitment to our planet. Our diverse and inclusive team is united by its resilience and a relentless pursuit of excellence, ensuring that every hour is impactful. 

We are firmly grounded in our Values:

  1. We are on a mission for our planet, nothing less.
  2. We focus on the core: Value for our users first, the organization second, and us as individuals third. We prioritize fiercely.
  3. We care, we own it, thus we act: it's not your fault, but you are the solution! (it is our responsibility)
  4. We work smart to succeed. We don't count the hours, we make the hours count.
  5. We work hard to succeed (there is no 8h working day at illuminem). And if we fall short of expectations, we work twice as hard to do it right.
  6. We persevere and show resilience, because it's hard to beat a startup which doesn't give up.
  7. We work fast to be the fastest-iterating company. We are data/KPI informed. We report on our goals and our cards. We iterate towards excellence.
  8. We are People First and we support each other. Heartcount, not headcount
  9. We are humble. We are the Example. Attitude defines our Altitude
  10. We are always on stage & build external networks to support us. We are proud to represent illuminem, not secretive, not alone.
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