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Top 5 essential videos on renewable energy

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By illuminem

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We are glad to present our renewed and curated 'Top 5 essential videos on Energy' as part of our Carbon Academy.

At illuminem, we take pride in calling ourselves the “Home” of Sustainability and support our community with quality information and resources to improve our climate knowledge and stay updated on the latest sustainability developments.

So, why is it important to understand the ongoing energy transition?  

Burning fossil fuels for energy is the largest single source of global greenhouse gas emissions. In the long run, transitioning to renewable energy sources can significantly reduce these emissions. Understanding this transition is essential for energy security, investment, and industry strategies. This list provides a comprehensive overview of: renewable energy production, increasing energy consumption, new energy solutions, and a sobering look at the emissions produced by a growing new industry.


1. How green is the green revolution really?

Source: The Economist
Date: November 2023
Knowledge level: Beginner 💨

We hear a lot about the need to get off fossil fuels. How is the energy transition really going and how fast is the world moving towards a green future? This video looks at renewable energy, covering the impact of the Ukraine war on the green revolution, the meaning of environmentalism, and what it really takes to transition away from fossil fuels. 


2. An honest & sensible conversation about global energy 

Source: ARC
Date: November 2023
Knowledge level: Intermediate 🏭

In the real world, we have to make trade-offs between climate security, energy poverty, and energy security. Energy is necessary for lifting much of the world out of poverty, however, climate concerns are also real considerations. We need to start a constructive, and honest conversation about these trade-offs. 


3. The problem with nuclear fusion 

Source: Real Engineering
Date: December 2022
Knowledge level: Professional 🧠

Ever since the Cold War, when the United States and the USSR competed over the mastery of nuclear fusion, the potential of fusion technology has intrigued engineers and laymen alike. This video examines how societies and the world might change due to absolute energy independence and whether it is an unattainable sci-fi utopia or something that could become a reality in our lifetime.


4. Will renewable energy stop the climate crisis?

Source: Deutsche Welle
Date: December 2023
Knowledge level: Intermediate 🏭

Time is running out. If climate targets are still to be met and the survival of future generations is to be ensured, virtually all fossil energy sources worldwide will have to be replaced by renewables by 2050. That leaves us with almost exactly one generation from today to make this massive change. So what needs to happen for the global energy transition to succeed?


5. China’s MASSIVE desert project is about to change the world

Source: Undecided, Matt Ferrell
Date: January 2024
Knowledge level: Intermediate 🏭

The biggest solar power plant in the United States, located in Kern, California is over 8 square miles and has a generation capacity of 579 megawatts, powering around 255,000 homes. This is impressive, but about 6,500 miles away, in this remote desert, there's a solar facility that could dwarf it … and just about every other solar power plant on earth. And it’s not alone.

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