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The Top 10 Sustainable Finance videos everyone should watch

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By illuminem

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We are glad to present the recommended Top 10 essential videos on Sustainable Finance that any “professional” (or person interested in the topic) should watch.

At illuminem, we take pride in calling ourselves the “Home” of Sustainability and support our community with quality information and resources to improve our climate knowledge and stay updated on the latest sustainability developments.

So, why is it important to understand sustainable finance and its mechanisms? Sustainable finance is pivotal in mobilizing and allocating financial resources to address environmental challenges and promote a transition towards a more sustainable and resilient economy. According to the United Nations, $850 billion per year needs to be invested by 2030 to fight climate change. This list provides a comprehensive overview of key aspects of the sustainable finance debate, including green bonds, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), impact investing, and climate finance.

1. What is sustainable finance?

Source: Frankfurt School of Finance & Management
Date: March 2019
Knowledge level: Beginner 💨

Delving into the basics, this video emphasizes the unique approach of sustainable finance in considering environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impacts in investment decisions. By recognizing that poor long-term sustainability can alter the risk and return profiles of investments, sustainable finance has revolutionized the broader financial landscape.

2. Sustainable investing: from finance, to farm, to fork

Source: Financial Times
Date: June 2023
Knowledge level: Intermediate 🏭

This clip from the Financial Times discusses the role of sustainable investing in the rapidly growing plant-based food industry. As this market sector expands, there are concerns about ensuring genuine sustainability and transparency. Emphasizing the importance of due diligence, the video highlights the role of active asset managers in ensuring that healthy food correlates with both a healthy planet and a healthy business model.

3. Can sustainable investing save the world?

Source: illuminem | Florian Heeb
Date: September 2023
Knowledge level: Beginner 💨

This exclusive illuminem interview with Florian Heeb, PhD, illuminem’s  #1 Most Read Thought Leader of 2022 in ESG and acclaimed researcher at MIT Sloan School of Management, explores key insights into sustainable investing, discussing market dynamics, regulatory needs, and challenges like greenwashing. It encompasses the breadth of the sustainable finance landscape, offering an expert’s insight into a rapidly evolving industry.

4. How the $1 trillion green bond market works

Source: CNBC
Date: May 2021
Knowledge level: Intermediate 🏭

This video explores the surging popularity of green bonds, a significant segment in the $128.3 trillion global bond market, detailing how they work, how issuers can be held accountable and how green bonds can move capital toward climate-friendly projects and goals. In the face of our global climate crisis, green bonds offer an essential financial mechanism, channeling investments directly into environmentally-friendly projects and sustainable initiatives.

5. Greenwashing: when companies aren’t as sustainable as they claim

Source: Wall Street Journal
Date: December 2021
Knowledge level: Beginner 💨

Pulitzer Prize finalist Shane Shifflet demystifies "greenwashing", where companies may make misleading claims about their environmental friendliness to attract customers. Shifflet explains why this topic matters as it can deceive consumers who want to support eco-friendly products, and learn about potential government regulations in the U.S. and E.U. to address this concern.

6. ESG ratings are not what they seem

Source: Bloomberg
Date: December 2021
Knowledge level: Intermediate 🏭

This video delves into the practices of MSCI, the world's leading ESG rating company, and reveals potential inaccuracies in their assessments. According to Bloomberg, instead of truly reflecting a company's global impact, MSCI's metrics may be more centered on factors affecting corporate financial performance. Understanding these discrepancies is vital as these ratings influence global investments and corporate strategies on greener initiatives.

7. Mitigating climate change with venture capital: conversation with Wavemaker Impact’s Steve Melhuish

Source: McKinsey & Company
Date: August 2023
Knowledge level: Intermediate 🏭

Dive into an enlightening discussion with Steve Melhuish, co-founder of Wavemaker Impact, as he unravels the vision behind his climate-tech venture fund. In today's pressing environmental challenges, striking a balance between profitability and sustainability is paramount. Through his insights, gain a clearer understanding of the nuances of sustainable business investment and the path forward for conscious capitalism.

8. Climate change: can money stop deforestation?

Source: The Economist
Date: November 2022
Knowledge level: Professional 🧠

This explanatory video explores the crucial link between deforestation and climate change and how finance plays an important role. As our planet faces the challenges of climate change, preserving forests becomes a top priority. The Economist provides insights on practical financial tools such as carbon credits and environment-friendly payments, that can support forest restoration and sustainable growth, highlighting ways to invest in a greener future.

9. Insights from Larry Fink on the future of sustainable investing

Source: Boston Consulting Group (BCG)
Date: July 2021
Knowledge level: Professional 🧠

Boston Consulting Group explores the evolving landscape of sustainable investing with Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock in this video, emphasizing the transformative role investors can play in promoting ESG leadership in businesses. The film highlights how our world grapples with the climate crisis, and how this impacts the way assets are managed. Industry leaders like Fink have started turning to innovative investment strategies, opening up a new path to sustainable and impactful financial decisions.

10. How ESG metrics work and why all investors should care

Source: Business Insider
Date: May 2018
Knowledge level: Professional 🧠

Business Insider engages with the insights of Martin Kremenstein, Nuveen's head of retirement and ETF solutions, as he underscores the significance of ESG metrics in the investment realm. He explains that these metrics are pivotal not just as indicators of quality but also as tools to manage potential risks, with poorly rated companies often facing substantial financial setbacks. Highlighting real-world scenarios, this video emphasizes the growing weight of ESG considerations in modern investment decisions, forcing companies to enroll in more sustainable practices that help our world.


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