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The insiders’ guide to the best events at 2024 Davos Economic Forum

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By illuminem briefings

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As the leading platform on sustainability, illuminem continues its support for impactful events such as COP28 (where we chaired the closing G7 event), London Climate Tech Show, Rethink Hong Kong, or NY Climate Week, to disseminate sustainability insights from our growing network of 1300+ Thought Leaders - the world’s largest in Sustainability.

Based on suggestions from our community, our editorial team has meticulously crafted an exclusive insiders' guide to some of the most important side-events at Davos, providing a comprehensive overview of in-person gatherings, discussions, and networking opportunities. As always in our style, events with particular attention to sustainability & social responsibility are highlighted with the symbol 🌱 .

We are also delighted to serve as the exclusive knowledge and media partner for the Green Accelerator and the CSO Awards 2024.

Download our Davos illuminem map for free to access key pavilion locations and navigate through the numerous events at this year's Economic Forum

Monday, January 15

Tuesday, January 16

Wednesday, January 17

Thursday, January 18

Friday, January 19

NB: While our team will do its best to keep this calendar updated, please note that the timing of some events might change at the last minute.

Contact us if you want to suggest an event for our Insiders' Guide, and partner with us to be featured alongside 1,300+ Thought Leaders and engage with a vibrant community of 200,000+ sustainability professionals.


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