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Terra Tuscany: Pioneering sustainability leadership

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To participate in this key event, request your invitation today.

Terra Tuscany is not just another typical conference that emphasises corporate achievements over substantive dialogue; it is a call to action for leaders who are serious about making a difference in their organisations and the world. 

From 2nd to 4th September, Terra Tuscany will host a transformative event in the scenic heart of Tuscany, Italy, designed to reshape the landscape of sustainability leadership. This impactful three-day gathering, organised in partnership with illuminem will facilitate meaningful interactions among sustainability leaders, providing a platform for genuine engagement and impactful decision-making.

A unique platform for sustainability leaders

Terra Tuscany distinguishes itself through its commitment to accessibility and practical outcomes. The event reduces the typical barriers between speakers and attendees by organising small group discussions, informal networking sessions, and interactive panels. The venue itself, powered by solar energy and supplied with local food, underscores the organisers' dedication to sustainability. Workshops and masterclasses will provide attendees with the tools and knowledge needed to implement sustainable practices within their organisations effectively.

Our featured speakers: Hear the leading voices in ESG

The event will feature an impressive lineup of speakers, including prominent figures such as Roberta Boscolo, Nancy Mahon, Michael Kobori, and Georg Kell. Each leader brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective on sustainability.

Roberta Boscolo: Climate and Energy Leader, WMO

Roberta Boscolo, the Climate and Energy Lead at the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), will bring over two decades of experience managing global adaptation and mitigation projects. Boscolo’s work emphasises the importance of integrating scientific knowledge with practical initiatives to address climate change effectively.

Nancy Mahon: Chief Sustainability Officer, Estée Lauder

Nancy Mahon serves as the Chief Sustainability Officer at Estée Lauder Companies, where she plays a crucial role in shaping the company’s global sustainability strategy. Her position on the CEO’s Executive Leadership Team and global leadership committees reflects her influence in driving the company’s sustainability agenda. Mahon’s approach integrates sustainability with business strategy, focusing on long-term impact and corporate responsibility.

Michael Kobori: Chief Sustainability Officer, Starbucks

Michael Kobori, the Chief Sustainability Officer at Starbucks, oversees the company’s enterprise sustainability, human rights, and ESG initiatives. With a background at Levi Strauss & Co., where he helped position the company as a sustainability leader in the apparel industry, Kobori’s insights will be invaluable for attendees looking to integrate sustainability into their business models. His experience underscores the importance of aligning corporate practices with broader environmental and social goals.

Georg Kell: Chairman, Arabesque & Founder UN Global Compact

Georg Kell, Chairman of Arabesque Group and founding director of the UN Global Compact, brings a profound understanding of sustainability in investment and corporate governance. His work at Arabesque utilises AI and big data to assess sustainability performance, providing a forward-thinking approach to sustainable investment. Kell’s career at the UN and his advisory roles make him a key speaker, offering insights into the intersection of sustainability, technology, and global policy.

Interactive learning and practical insights

Terra Tuscany’s agenda is rich with opportunities for attendees to gain practical insights through interactive workshops and masterclasses. For instance, the masterclass on Sustainability Leadership, led by Nancy Mahon and Michael Kobori, will examine cutting-edge strategies for driving impactful sustainability initiatives. This session will provide attendees with actionable strategies to effectively incorporate sustainability into their corporate practices.

Other notable sessions include:

  • Decision-making power: This workshop, featuring Sandrine Dixson-Declève, President of the Club of Rome, will examine how organisations can gain execution power for sustainable practices, transforming goals into tangible business strategies and financial impacts

  • Stakeholder involvement: Led by Gregg Meyer, Chief Sustainability Officer at Steve Madden, this session will focus on engaging stakeholders across the value chain and managing risks and opportunities related to sustainability

  • Creating incentive systems: Pierre Abadie of Tikehau Capital will discuss the importance of accountability and how to develop incentive systems that drive lasting sustainability impacts

  • Compliance & regulations: Georg Kell will lead a panel on navigating evolving regulations, helping attendees adapt internal processes to stay ahead of regulatory changes

Our call to action

The urgency of climate action demands innovative thinking and decisive leadership, which this event aims to cultivate. Attendees will leave equipped with the knowledge, connections, and inspiration needed to drive significant change within their spheres of influence.

With limited spots available, interested participants should secure their place now. Engage with world-class sustainability experts, sign up for a unique experience, and become part of a community dedicated to creating a greener future. To participate in this key event, request your invitation today or schedule a meeting to learn more about how Terra Tuscany can empower you to lead the charge in sustainability. 

Join us at Terra Tuscany from September 2-4 for practical strategies and collaborative opportunities in an immersive, barrier-free environment. Act fast to secure your spot—tickets are limited! Request your ticket at Terra Tuscany.

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