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Technology as a means of change

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By Diego Balverde

· 2 min read

As a result of global warming and the serious climatic consequences, we must ask ourselves what we are doing well and what is wrong.

But we must also ask ourselves, what are we not doing so that the reduction of emissions is adequately controlled?

There are many absolute theories that have failed, but we are sure of something that on the path to decarbonization, the fight is being given by technology, through wind turbines and their constant advances, increasingly efficient and accessible solar panels, and reuse of waste like energy.

All that is technology!

But what else can we do and not do?

We are clear that technologies are giving their battle and fossils are leaving their mark, but what about funding?

Why don't you get closer to technology?

Truly, because not much is known about the available technologies and the benefits of using them.

That's why revolutionary tools like digital offsets can quickly and transparently bring high-emitting companies closer to technologies that are reducing their impact directly and with extensive information so that the user or issuing company (negative word) becomes a COMPENSATOR without stigmatization involved, being a vital part of the TRANSITION.

For this, using technology we have managed to create tools to bring investments closer to real and active projects, with traceability, geolocation and real-time data.

This brings investments closer to the owners of renewable and clean technology in operation, who require more investment to continue balancing the planet favorably.

From TECHNOLOGY we are offering the way - easy, transparent and a few clicks for the solution.

Comprehensive platforms are the opportunity to leave behind many initiatives that never repaired anything.

Technology is here to add!

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About the author

Dr. Diego Balverde is an Economist at the European Central Bank and has extensive experience in climate finance. He is currently also an Advisory Member of the Council of Foreign Trade at The World Bank. Diego is very active on the international sustainability stage having attended COP27 as a Circular economy for Climate Change specialist and will also be attending the G20 Conference in India as part of the Energy, Sustainability and Climate Task Force. Diego holds a PhD in Foreign trade from Chapman University and an MBA degree from Cambridge Judge Business School.

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