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Special Highlights: Everything you need to know on the REPowerEU Plan

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1. The double urgency to transform Europe’s energy system

By European Commision “REPowerEU: A plan to rapidly reduce dependence on Russian fossil fuels and fast forward the green transition”

  • Ending the EU’s dependence on Russian fossil fuels urged the commission to take action against this economic and political weapon, together with fighting the climate crisis.
  • A big plan with 3 pillars: energy savings, diversification of energy supplies, and accelerated roll-out of renewable energy in every sector and directly to everyone.
  • The green transformation will not just allow climate action but also economic growth and security.

2. The big challenge: replacing natural gas with green hydrogen

By ReCharge “More than a million tonnes of green hydrogen will be used for gas blending in 2030, says Commission”

  • “The European Commission (EC) is expecting to see 1.3 million tonnes (mt) of green hydrogen to be blended into the natural gas network by 2030”, this target was illustrated in a document part of the REPowerEU.
  • This hydrogen transition seems far from the current reality and the commission itself has doubts about its effectiveness.
  • Even if the EU was able to reach the actual target, the hydrogen production of 1.3 million tonnes would account for just 3% of the total amount of Russian gas imported in 2021

3. Rooftop PV Mandate for everyone by 2029

By PVMagazine “EU wants rooftop PV mandate for public, commercial buildings by 2027, residential by 2029”

  • The commission proposed to impose a mandate that will require solar rooftops for every commercial and public building from 2027, a target that would also extend to new residential buildings from 2029.
  • “I know this is ambitious, but it is realistic, we can do it,” said von der Leyen, and these goals merge with the increase for the 2030 renewables energy target from 40% to 45%.
  • The key to this renewables transition will be to allow faster permits for renewable plants and projects.

4. The 150GW offshore wind pledge

By ReNews “EU to supercharge offshore wind with 150GW target”

  • This pledge will allow increasing offshore wind capacity to 150GW by 2050 from a 15GW capacity today. This power will be able to satisfy 150 million European households with their annual electricity
  • The pledge will be developed in the North Sea with cooperation between the EU, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark
  • The massive target will not just require investment in offshore grid infrastructure but also port facilities and vessels.

5. Energy Savings Plan: time to switch to action

By BPIE “Repowereu Energy Savings Plan: Time To Switch To Action”

  • Buildings are responsible for 40% of the total European Energy Consumption, and they are powered by 80% of fossil fuels.
  • The time to switch to action has come. From behaviour measures to renewables heating options, there are a lot of solutions that can be applied to buildings to cut off dependency on Russian energy imports.
  • In order to prepare for the revolution, the EU should be ready to show the necessary leadership and promote the new sustainable vision while preparing supply chains to deliver innovation. The EU must also make financing easily available for renewables.
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