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Plastic industry knew recycling was a farce for decades yet deceived the public, report reveals

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🗞️ Driving the news: A report by the Center for Climate Integrity Research (CCI) exposes decades of deception by plastic producers and big oil companies regarding the viability of recycling plastic
• The industry's promotion of recycling as a solution to plastic waste management is critiqued as fraudulent, potentially paving the way for legal action against the companies involved.

🔭 The context: Despite promoting recycling as an effective waste management solution, internal documents and existing research reveal that the industry has long understood recycling plastic to be neither technically nor economically feasible
• This misinformation has allowed the expansion of the single-use plastics industry unregulated, exacerbating waste and pollution issues

🌍 Why it matters for the planet: The deliberate misinformation campaign by plastic producers has significantly contributed to global plastic pollution, one of the most pressing environmental challenges
• Holding these companies accountable could lead to meaningful action against plastic waste and foster a more sustainable approach to production and consumption

⏭️ What's next: The report may inspire legal actions against companies for misleading the public and policymakers about the feasibility of recycling plastics
• Such legal challenges could compel the industry to adopt more transparent practices and contribute financially to mitigating the damage caused by plastic pollution

💬 One quote: "When corporations and trade groups know that their products pose grave risks to society, and then lie to the public and policymakers about it, they must be held accountable," says CCI President Richard Wiles.

📈 One stat: Only about nine per cent of the world’s annual plastic waste is successfully recycled, highlighting the inefficiency of current recycling efforts amidst the growing plastic pollution crisis.

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