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Our Team’s Pick: TOP 5 Books on Sustainability

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By illuminem

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Looking for some books to know more about sustainability and climate change? Think you have read everything and wish to find something new? Our content editor Nick has curated his TOP 5 of the most interesting books to make you think differently. Make yourself comfortable and let’s start! 


1️⃣ Diet for a Hot Planet: the Climate Crisis at The End of Your Fork and What You Can Do about It, Anna Lappé 

Fifty years ago, Frances Moore Lappé's "Diet for a Small Planet"sparked a revolution that challenged how people thought about the ecological and social impact of their food choices. A decade ago, her daughter Anna Lappé continued the conversation with "Diet for a Hot Planet" focusing on another aspect of our food: the impact on the climate crisis. In the book, Lappé echoes her mother's message that food, and the massive food system that exists today, can be a crucial means to address climate change.


2️⃣ Doughnut Economics: Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st-Century Economist, Kate Raworth 

Public policy is primarily influenced by economics. It is the driving force behind the decisions we make for the future, determines how we invest billions of dollars, and shapes our reactions to challenges. "Doughnut Economics" aims to change our perspective on economics by providing seven key ways to change our understanding of it. In her book, Kate Raworth advocates for breaking our reliance on growth, redesigning money, finance, and business to prioritize people's needs, and creating economies that are regenerative and distributive in nature. By offering a fresh perspective on economics, the book encourages readers to rethink their approach to economic policy and design more sustainable and equitable economies.


3️⃣ The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History, Elizabeth Kolbert 

Nowadays scientists around the world are monitoring the sixth extinction, which is expected to be the most devastating one since the asteroid wiped out dinosaurs. In her book, Elisabeth Kolbert leads us through the works of researchers from different spheres: geologists, marine biologists and botanists. She introduces us to a dozen species, some already gone, and others on the verge of extinction. Through these species' stories, Kolbert traces the history of extinction and shows us how this time we are becoming the cause of the catastrophe. 


4️⃣ The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming, David Wallace-Wells 

The climate crisis we are experiencing is much more serious than we can imagine. It is not only about rising temperatures or sea level. The main horrors are waiting for us ahead: food shortages, climate refugees and economic devastation. In his book “The Uninhabitable Earth” David Wallace-Wells gives us a glimpse into the dystopian future and reflects on how the world will appear to those who will experience it. By delving into how rising temperatures will affect global politics, the relationship between technology and nature, the sustainability of capitalism, and the direction of human progress, the author not only offers us insightful reading, but also calls us to action to save our planet. 


5️⃣ Wear no evil: How to Change the World with Your Wardrobe, Greta Eagan

Have you ever thought about how you can dress fashionably while doing good? “Wear no Evil” gives the answer to this question, while at the same time navigating us both through fashion and ethics. Exploring the intersection between them, the book presents a style guide that prioritizes sustainability and makes a reader rethink the fashion industry's production, consumption, and waste. "Wear No Evil" offers meaningful and insightful answers to the perennial question, "What should I wear today?".


We hope you will enjoy this list of insightful readings! 

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