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European environment and health atlas launched by EEA

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Driving the news: The European Environment Agency (EEA) has launched the European Environment and Health Atlas, an interactive online platform that allows users to assess environmental factors affecting health and well-being, such as air quality, noise levels, and green spaces.

Why it matters for the planet: The atlas provides a user-friendly tool to better understand how local environments impact health and well-being. Some striking facts:

  • 97% of the urban population in Europe is exposed to unsafe levels of air pollution.
  • 20% of the EU population lives in areas where noise levels are harmful to health.
  • 85% of European bathing waters are of excellent quality.

European Environment and Health Atlas Launched by EEA

What’s next:  The atlas will be a "living product," updated regularly and open to user feedback.

  • Watch for updates to the tool and potential policy changes inspired by the atlas's data.

European Environment and Health Atlas launched by EEA, providing an interactive tool to assess environmental factors affecting health and well-being.

One stat: 100% increase in heatwave days in Europe predicted for the period 2030 to 2060 (source: EAA).

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