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Economist Impact: 9th Annual Sustainability Week

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By illuminem

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As the leading platform in sustainability, illuminem is pleased to partner with The Economist to shine a spotlight on the 9th annual Sustainability Week (Sustaining planet and profit) to be held in London (and virtually) on March 4th – 6th 2024 at the Business Design Centre

The event aims to explore sustainability insights and solutions with speakers from government, business, finance, and civil society. Keynote speakers within the sustainability world include: Sarah Mariage (Director – ESG reporting, WSP), Jon Miller (Partner - ESG and sustainable business global lead, Brunswick Group), Nicki Harrison (Director - Sustainable finance, Environmental Defense Fund Europe), and Will Ennett (Chief Sustainability Officer, TalkTalk).

Achieving net zero is an urgent and essential goal, and the pursuit of a robust sustainability strategy with a demonstrable return on investment is a key goal for every organization. Improving the execution of sustainability projects not only aligns with responsible business practices but is also increasingly seen as a crucial prerequisite by investors. Organizations must consistently work towards this goal, integrating sustainability into their core operations for a clearer and more prosperous future.

With more than 200 speakers, Economist Impact’s 9th annual Sustainability Week will explore business strategies to reach net zero and present original insights on how profitability can flourish alongside sustainability goals. The event examines how this can be implemented by companies globally, providing practical solutions on how to enable a swifter reduction of emissions and a heightened positive environmental impact. The focal points of the event will center around 4 themes: 

  • Decarbonizing business and industry
  • Supply chain and circularity
  • Innovative technology and adaptation
  • Biodiversity and natural capital 

The 2024 agenda will feature new events:

  • How to workshops: Four interactive workshops focusing on the issues affecting CSO, CFO and CPO audience
  • CSO Leaders Club: Bringing together the top 100 CSOs in the industry, the CSO Leaders Club will act as a place for CSOs to discuss their biggest problems, meet and learn from each other
  • Energy Transition Summit: Focusing on when and how energy-intensive industries can expect to benefit from renewables, how operators will be able to participate in flexibility markets and what it will take to enhance energy security
  • Action Wall: Attendees will be asked to make commitments to be achieved in the months after the conference. Progress on the commitments will be reviewed during the 2025 event
  • 1-2-1 meeting service: Platinum and diamond sponsors will have 6 pre-qualified meetings set up for them

Offering innovative how-to workshops along with extensive networking opportunities and a comprehensive exhibition, this is a must-attend gathering for those committed to catalyzing meaningful change. 

Don't miss out on the chance to accelerate your sustainability journey and contribute to a more sustainable future for both your business and the planet.

Click here to register for the event today and join over 1200 attendees in London and more than 5,000 attendees online to ensure you are part of a sustainable future. 

We are also delighted to announce that illuminem will serve as the official media partner of The Economist for all Sustainability Week Series events planned for the remainder of 2024. The 3rd annual Sustainability Week Asia (March 11-13th, Bangkok) is the next event in the series.

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