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Beyond boundaries: unveiling Africa's transformative path to renewable excellence in 2024

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By Roberto Vigotti

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As the sun rises on the dawn of 2024, Africa stands at the forefront of a transformative era, where the quest for sustainability and ecological consciousness takes center stage. A vivid tapestry of environmental concern, energy security, and economic resilience has woven itself into the continent's narrative, steering the ship toward a future where renewable energy sources reign supreme. Unveiling dynamic data and insights, this journey promises resounding success in Africa's pursuit of a greener and sustainable energy landscape.

Looking ahead to the promising horizon of a new year, RES4Africa Foundation is poised to intensify its commitment to scaling up sustainable electrification in Africa. Building upon the remarkable progress achieved in 2023, the foundation will not only sustain its ongoing initiatives but will also elevate its efforts to new heights, reinforcing the narrative of a sustainable and resilient energy landscape for the continent. 

In particular, in the forthcoming year, RES4Africa Foundation pledges to engage with renewed vigor, focusing on further fortifying Africa's energy regulatory frameworks. The focus is on streamlining and modernizing these structures, making them both welcoming and attractive for international investors while offering a robust set of de-risking tools. The Missing Link program holds a crucial role in this endeavor, presenting innovative regulatory reports, methodologies, and the revolutionary R.O.A.R software. 

Beyond the regulatory realm, RES4Africa is tirelessly working towards nurturing a skilled and forward-thinking local workforce. The 2023 edition of the RES4Africa Academy Executive School, a beacon of knowledge and collaboration held in Milan, brought decision-makers from over 14 African countries together. It not only equipped them with firsthand knowledge but also forged meaningful transnational networks, amplifying the ripple effect of change.

In parallel, the RES4Med program has solidified its position as a leading platform for public-private dialogue, fostering renewable energy in Southern-Eastern Mediterranean countries as a cost-effective, sustainable, and reliable energy strategy. With the publication of five groundbreaking studies, the hosting of two impactful events, and two enlightening training activities, the initiative expands its sphere of influence, building meaningful partnerships for upcoming endeavors.
Embarking on this journey, the Foundation unveils the first two pivotal events in an impactful series that will unfold throughout the year. The RES4Africa side event Towards G7 Energy within Key Energy 2024, the Energy Transition Expo, hosted from February 29th to March 1st in Rimini, Italy, will initiate a renewed dialogue between European industry leaders and African representatives, fostering essential public-private partnerships. Following this, on March 8th in Cape Town, South Africa, RES4Africa, Nedbank CIB, and the European Investment Bank will jointly hold a high-level Climate Finance Forum, aiming to scale up critical climate finance in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. These events signify the start of a sustained effort, promising to significantly shape the trajectory of sustainable electrification across the continent.

As we cast our gaze into the unfolding chapters of 2024, the momentum gained in 2023 sets the stage for even more significant advancements in renewable energy across the continent.  A tapestry of technological innovations, supportive policies, and a growing commitment from public and private sectors paints a vibrant picture of Africa on the path to a sustainable and resilient energy future. As we revel in the achievements of the past year, it is clear that the foundations laid in 2023 are not mere stepping stones but catalysts for transformative change, propelling the continent towards a greener, more promising future. The stage is set, the actors are ready, and the curtain rises on a new chapter in Africa's groundbreaking quest for a renewable energy revolution.

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About the author

Roberto Vigotti is the Secretary General of RES4Africa Foundation, a European think tank gathering 34 stakeholders from the clean energy value chain to accelerate Africa’s RE transition. Previously, he spent 35 years in Enel Power R&D Division and served for 12 years as the chair of the Renewable Working Party of the IEA

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