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An interview with sustainability leaders at Villars Institute Summit

By Andrea Gori, Peter BenHur Nyeko, Carla Della Maggiora, Marie-Laure Schaufelberger

Mar 17 2023 · 0 min read

Illuminem Voices
Public Governance · Ethical Governance · Social Responsibility

At the 2023 Villars Institute Summit, illuminem's CEO Andrea Gori caught up with Illuminem Thought Leaders Peter Benhur Nyeko, Carla della Maggiora, and Marie-Laure Schaufelberger to get their insights on the latest global sustainability debate.

Watch the video here.

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About the authors

Andrea Gori is an entrepreneur & global expert in sustainability, green tech and energy transition. He is the founder & "Chief Earth Officer" (CEO) of Previously, he served as BCG's Global Green Champion, delivering projects on sustainable investments around the world. He has been awarded one of Italy's Leading Innovators of 2023 and Angel List’s Top Startups in Europe.

Peter BenHur Nyeko is Co-Founder & Director at Mandulis Energy.

Carla Della Maggiora is Deputy Director and Senior Climate Change and Environmental Finance Specialist at BASE Foundation.

Marie-Laure Schaufelberger is President of Sustainable Finance Geneva, where she covers best practices in ESG integration across the firm, active ownership and developing strategic partnerships for sustainability and impact

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