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Would you eat food made with animal bones? How carnivores could do the planet a favour

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🗞️ Driving the news: Finnish startup SuperGround has developed a method to make chicken nuggets and fish cakes using discarded bones and hard tissues
• This innovation aims to reduce food waste and carbon emissions in animal agriculture, maximizing the use of meat and potentially reducing the number of animals farmed

🔭 The context: SuperGround's technique maintains most nutrients in the meat and produces a paste easily integrated into existing food products
•  The process can incorporate up to 30% of this paste in chicken products and up to 50% in fish products without altering taste or texture, offering a substantial increase in food yield

🌍 Why it matters for the planet: Utilizing otherwise discarded animal parts in food production can significantly impact global food systems' sustainability
•  This approach could lead to a reduction in CO2 emissions and a more efficient use of resources, aligning with urgent needs to address climate change and reduce waste in the meat industry

⏭️ What's next: SuperGround is seeking partnerships with global food production companies to scale this sustainable method
•  The adoption of such innovations in the meat processing industry could mark a shift towards more sustainable practices, potentially influencing consumer choices and industry standards

💬 One quote: “[The] modern animal-based food system is obviously not the optimal way to produce food for the global population” (Santtu Vekkeli, SuperGround founder)

📈 One stat: Food systems contribute to a third of all planet-heating gases, with animal-based foods causing twice the pollution of plant-based foods

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