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Will hydrogen overtake batteries in the race for zero-emission cars?

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🗞️ Driving the news: Amidst the debate on zero-emissions driving technologies, hydrogen fuel emerges as a contender against battery electric vehicles (EVs), with major automotive companies like Toyota and Hyundai investing in hydrogen-powered cars

🔭 The context: Hydrogen, celebrated for its clean combustion (emitting only water), faces challenges in production and efficiency
• Most hydrogen is currently produced from methane, emitting carbon, while green hydrogen is made through electrolysis
• Critics argue that direct use of electricity for EVs is more efficient than converting it to hydrogen

🌍 Why it matters for the planet: Hydrogen offers quick refueling and longer range, appealing for constant-use vehicles like taxis and vans
• However, the energy loss in hydrogen fuel production and the current scarcity of hydrogen refueling stations present significant barriers to its widespread adoption for passenger cars

⏭️ What's next: While investments in hydrogen infrastructure grow, the real potential for hydrogen may lie in heavier transport sectors like buses and lorries, rather than displacing EVs in the passenger car market
• The future of hydrogen in road transport hinges on advancements in green hydrogen production and the development of a more extensive refueling network.

💬 One quote: "If you use green hydrogen it takes about three times more electricity to make the hydrogen to power a car than it does just to charge a battery," said David Cebon, a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Cambridge.

📈 One stat: In the UK, fewer than 300 hydrogen vehicles have been sold over 20 years, compared with 1 million electric cars, highlighting the current dominance of battery technology in the transition away from petrol and diesel.

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