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Venice wants to combat ‘overtourism’ with new €5 entrance fee

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🗞️ Driving the news: Venice has greenlit a €5 ($5.4) daily entrance fee for single-day tourists
• Everyone over 14 years of age will be subject to this fee, while Veneto region's residents and workers are exempted

🔭 The context: This move comes after an overwhelming number of tourists descended on Venice this summer, posing a threat to Venice’s vulnerable ecosystem and rich cultural heritage
• Venice will test this fee-based model for roughly 30 days in the coming year, primarily during peak holiday times

🌍 Why it matters for the planet: Venice, spanning over 100 islands, was historically the Republic of Venice's capital and an international finance pioneer during the Renaissance
• Now, this historic city is confronting threats from climate change and rising seas, prompting measures like underwater gates to counter flooding and cruise ship bans in inner canals

⏭️ What's next: This entrance fee is among several strategies Venice plans to implement, addressing the challenge of "overtourism" and ensuring the city remains livable, especially during peak tourist days

💬 One quote: "We need to find a way to protect the city from mass tourism which in some days of the year makes it unlivable.” (Luigi Brugnaro, Venice Mayor)

📈 One stat: The recent surge in tourism witnessed a 66.6% increase, with 2.5 million visitors in the first quarter of the year compared to 1.5 million the year prior

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