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This startup wants to track soil carbon with AI and satellites

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🗞️ Driving the news: Boomitra, an ag-tech startup, is revolutionizing carbon credit measurement by using remote monitoring to track soil carbon
This approach significantly reduces the complexity and cost of carbon offset processes for farmers

🔭 The context: Traditional methods for measuring and verifying carbon credits in soil are labor-intensive and costly 
Boomitra's solution leverages extensive soil sample databases and satellite imagery, cutting measurement costs by over 90% and making carbon finance accessible to farmers of all sizes

🌍 Why it matters for the planet: Boomitra’s technology focuses on removal carbon credits, which physically extract carbon from the atmosphere, offering a more trustworthy and effective solution compared to controversial "avoidance" credits”

⏭️ What's next: Boomitra aims to scale up its technology globally, supporting farmers with risk management and promoting precision agriculture 
This is part of a broader trend where data-driven approaches in agriculture are expected to grow, potentially transforming global food security and sustainability

💬 One quote: “At Boomitra, we believe carbon storage in soil is vital not only for the carbon markets, but also for climate resilience and achieving food security”  (Aadith Moorthy, CEO of Boomitra)

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