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The magic of the blue economy and blue ocean strategies

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By Fabrizio Dodaro

· 4 min read

Have you ever imagined an economy that embraces not only productive efficiency but also care for our planet? 

This is the concept of the Blue Economy, where sustainability is the currency of exchange and technological innovation is the ticket to a better future.

Imagine navigating a sea of opportunities, guided by the wind of sustainability and the tide of innovation. This is the essence of the blue economy, a concept that redefines not only the way we do business but also our relationship with the environment around us.

But what does the blue economy mean?

Belgian economist Gunter Pauli coined the term "blue economy" in his 2010 book, proposing an economy inspired by nature itself. While the Green Economy aims to reduce CO2 emissions, the blue economy goes beyond, aspiring to a world where carbon emissions are reduced to zero. But it's not just about numbers. The blue economy invites us to reflect on how we can imitate natural processes to create economic systems that are in harmony with our planet.

Navigating towards a new paradigm: The principles of the blue economy

Technological innovation and respect for natural resources are at the heart of the blue economy. Using concepts such as biomimicry, we imitate the solutions that nature has perfected through millions of years of evolution. But the blue economy is not just about technology; it's about rethinking the entire business model, creating jobs and generating revenue without harming our planet.

The blue color of the blue economy is not accidental; it represents the indissoluble bond between the economy and the oceans, the guardians of our climate and invaluable sources of life. In addition to supporting an economy worth trillions of dollars, the oceans play a crucial role in absorbing heat and carbon dioxide, protecting us from the worst effects of climate change. Therefore, the blue economy is committed to protecting and preserving these marine treasures, promoting sustainable fishing practices, and conserving oceanic ecosystems.

Navigating towards the blue economy: Integrating blue ocean strategies in business

Exploring the concept of the blue economy and blue ocean strategies in the business context offers a unique opportunity to navigate towards new horizons of success. Combining principles that promote sustainability and responsible use of marine resources with innovative blue ocean strategies makes it possible to create a significant impact on both economic performance and the environment.

The first strategy, "Symphony of Improbable Markets, " is based on integrating two diverse but complementary sectors to create a new unexplored market. Transposing this concept to the blue economy, we could imagine integrating advanced marine technologies with traditional sectors such as coastal tourism, creating a new model of sustainable development that benefits from innovation and the preservation of the marine environment.

The second strategy, focused on "Transforming Existing Products and Services" offers the opportunity to rework existing offers to make them more sustainable and in line with the principles of the blue economy. For example, a company could modify its production processes to reduce environmental impact or develop new services promoting marine ecosystem conservation.

Finally, the third strategy, "Revolutionizing Products for Unusual Market Segments" suggests adapting products or services to meet the needs of new market segments. Applying this concept, we could imagine developing innovative products to engage consumers and businesses in adopting more sustainable practices towards the oceans and seas.

In conclusion, integrating blue ocean strategies in the context of the blue economy offers a unique opportunity to promote environmental sustainability, generate economic value, and create a better future for future generations.

The blue economy offers a compass for a more sustainable and prosperous future. It is an invitation to explore new frontiers of innovation, to rediscover the beauty and wealth of our oceans and seas, and to create a world where economy and environment can coexist in perfect harmony. So, let yourself be carried by the waves of the blue economy to shape a better future for future generations.

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About the author

Fabrizio Dodaro is a Consultant at Deloitte and an experienced professional in the ESG field, advising businesses on the integration of sustainable practices into their decision-making and operations. His passion revolves around aiding organizations in identifying and pursuing ESG goals to generate a positive impact on communities, the environment, and their financial performance.

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