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Davos 2024: the GreenTech Solutions highlighted by the Green Accelerator

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By illuminem briefings

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In line with its goal to showcase innovative climate solutions and support green tech startups, the Green Accelerator, powered by illuminem, presented a curated list of startups from around the world to Davos 

Top Green tech startups in Davos

These selected startups were given the stage to pitch their solutions to the most pressing climate change issues in two specifically dedicated panels (‘Startups, Scaleups, and Unicorns in Making’ and ‘Introducing Climate Scale-Ups: scaling late-stage climate tech companies’), including sustainable water technology to cultivating biodiverse forests to remove carbon from the atmosphere.
 As the event's media partner, illuminem is delighted to publicly share the names of the companies that took the floor this year, highlighting their ground-breaking contributions to sustainability:

Hue Learn (Singapore, Republic of Singapore) 🇸🇬
Founder & CEO: Shivaram KR
Objective: Reducing the time required to learn new skills and transforming learning with Cognitive Pedagogy, Generative AI, and Metaverse

Unibio Group (Copenhagen, Denmark) 🇩🇰
CEO: David Henstrom
Objective: Converting natural gas into highly concentrated protein

Solmeyea (Athens, Greece) 🇬🇷
Founder: Vasilis Stenos
Objective: Producing more efficiently “carbon neutral” bio ingredient-based proteins through vertical microalgae cultivation & harvesting

WattbyWatt (Laval, Canada) 🇨🇦
Chairman: Tommy Baltzis
Objective: Operating in the biotechnology sector with core competences within fermentation technologies

UpRoot (Taiwan) 🇹🇼
Co-Founder: Jessica Gonzalez
Objective: creating a plastic-free future by developing eco-friendly, compostable, and zero-waste cutlery

Bluebell Index (São Paulo, Brazil) 🇧🇷
CEO: Phelipe Spielmann
Objective: Offering high class Environmental Tokens, a broader and more complete climate mitigation solution utilizing blockchain technology (Scottsdale, USA) 🇺🇸
Founder and CEO: Cody Friesen
Objective: Creating sustainable water technology that uses the sun’s power to extract clean and pollutant-free drinking water from the air

Mombak (São Paulo, Brazil) 🇧🇷
Founder and CEO: Peter Fernandez
Objective: Cultivating native, biodiverse forests to remove carbon from the atmosphere

Running Tide (Portland, USA) 🇺🇸
Founder and CEO: Marty Odlin
Objective: Issuing the first ever carbon removal credits from an open ocean project

Talus Renewables (Austin, USA) 🇺🇸
CEO and Co-Founder: Hiro Iwanaga
Objective: Locally producing lower-cost, carbon-free ammonia at or near the point of use, creating value for agriculture, mining, and maritime shipping, with applications in renewable energy storage and power generation

Carbon Wave (Boston, USA) 🇺🇸
Founder: Geoff Chaplin
Objective: Developing ultra-regenerative, plant-based, advanced biomaterials from seaweed

Amini (Nairobi, Kenya) 🇰🇪
Founder and CEO: Kate Kallot
Objective: Enabling Africa to transform the world, by empowering its ecosystem through data and by fostering opportunities for 1B lives

Moxair (Boston, USA) 🇺🇸
CEO and Co-Founder: Adi Gottumukkala
Objective: Developing systems that convert methane into carbon dioxide and water using proprietary catalysts and reactors

The event also included two key open discussions:

  • Investor Sights’ on VC investments and startup, featuring Danijel Visevic (General Partner & Co-Founder, World Fund), Christoph Grobbel (Co-Founder & Chairman, South Pole), Eric Kosmowski, (Managing Partner, Princeville Climate), Luca A. Zerbini (Founding Partner & CEO, Una Terra Venture Capital Fund), David Hamilton Nichols (startups, climate, renewables investor, Author), Dominique Kun (Founding Philanthropist), Yobie Benjamin (Entrepreneur, Futuris)

  • Uplifting Humanity’ tackling the crucial issue of wellbeing and climate action, with Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa (Educator, Founder, MENTORA INSTITUTE), Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri (Tribeca Film Festival awarded Director, impact innovator CEO, UN Women’s Entrepreneurship Distinguished Fellow), Lucian Tarnowski (Founding Curator, United Planet & UP.Game), Txukukayaxti Rosa'ne Puyanawa (Spiritual Leader, Puyanawa Tribe), Puve Puyanawa (Spiritual Leader, preserving the Amazon, Indigenous Cultures and spiritual tradition)

The event was organized by Zdenka E. Rezacova (Founder of the Davos Green Accelerator) with Anastasia Zhdanovich, Tod Hynes, and Seema Gupta.

We are also delighted to present some of the inspirational insights offered by two of the main participants, Danijel Višević and Chavalit Frederick Tsao, in a conversation with our CEO Andrea Gori

  • Danijel Višević dwelled on the remarkable investment opportunities presented at Davos, emphasizing the beauty of witnessing younger generations wholeheartedly dedicated to climate action: ‘The feeling is encouraging and hopeful. I have seen so many young people developing technologies in the climate space despite the presently trying macro-political circumstances’

  • Chavalit Frederick Tsao shared insightful pieces of wisdom, touching on the significance of meditation and restoration in today’s world: ‘Coherence is an unfolding process—simply follow the present moment, trust in your intentions, and remain undistracted by external influences. Maintain a pure intent. [...] At its core, my mission as an entrepreneur is to guide individuals on a transformative journey, helping them discover happiness and achieve overall wellbeing’

Click here to get in touch with our Team to receive more information and/or participate at our future events at COP29, Asia Climate Forum, Climate Week NYC, London Climate Tech Show, Venice Biennale (among others).

Enjoy some of the pictures taken at the Davos Green Accelerator event below!


Zedenkaa) Zdenka E. Rezacova, Founder of the Green Accelerator

Harold (future Io)b) Harald Neidhardt, Curator & CEO (Futur/io) 

c) Our CEO Andrea Gori and Danijel Višević

Shivaramd) Shivaram KR, Founder & CEO (Hue Learn)

e) Andrea Gori and Chavalit Frederick Tsao

7f) Chavalit Frederick Tsao


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