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The healing power of forest bathing, nature’s remedy for stress and mental well-being

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🗞️ Driving the news: Forest bathing, known as shinrin-yoku in Japan, is gaining attention as a natural mental wellness practice
• This practice typically includes leisurely walks, deep breathing, and sensory engagement with the forest atmosphere to foster relaxation and reduce stress and is part of a broader trend towards natural mental clarity tactics

🔭 The context: Studies, such as those by Yoshifumi Miyazaki and Nippon Medical School, have shown forest bathing's physiological benefits, including reduced stress levels and enhanced immune function
• Originating in the 1980s in response to increasing technology reliance, this practice involves leisurely activities in forests to promote relaxation and a deeper connection with nature

🌍 Why it matters for the planet: As deforestation impacts air quality and global warming, engaging in forest conservation becomes mutually beneficial for personal health and the planet

⏭️ What's next: Integrating forest bathing more deeply into mental health strategies and environmental conservation programs not only aims to offer accessible and natural mental health remedies but also to influence environmental policies and public health guidelines

💬 One quote: "Getting in touch with nature through visceral means is the perfect way to keep yourself from getting lost in your head and allowing your thoughts to overwhelm you" (Charlie Fletcher, author)

📈 One stat: Deforestation contributes significantly to environmental issues, with a reported excess of nearly 5 billion tons of carbon dioxide, highlighting the importance of forest conservation for both mental wellness and planetary health

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