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The EU nature restoration law is meant to enhance food security, not undermine it

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🗞️ Driving the news: Top executives from Nestlé and Danone recently endorsed the European Union's Nature Restoration Law, highlighting the link between nature restoration and food security
• They expressed concern regarding the rejection of the proposed law by the European Parliament's ENVI committee last month

🔭 The context: The proposed law seeks to restore degraded ecosystems across Europe, setting specific targets for habitats that are suitable for carbon capture and enhancing resilience to natural disasters

🌎 Why does it matter for the planet: The op-ed argues that adopting nature restoration measures and transitioning to regenerative agriculture can help to mitigate climate change, boost biodiversity, and ensure long-term food security
• Climate change has already inflicted considerable damage to the agriculture sector, disrupting supply chains, and increasing food prices

⏭️ What's next: The executives urge the European Parliament to approve the Nature Restoration Law and underscore the need for transition finance
• Arguing that further development of financial solutions is crucial to help farmers transition to regenerative agriculture practices

💬 One quote: "The facts are clear: nature restoration does not undermine food security; rather, it enhances it. Rather than allowing the discussion to be polarized, we must join forces to build a future that benefits all" (Facundo Etchebehere, Danone’s Senior Vice President of Sustainability Strategy & • Partnerships, and Bart Vandewaetere, Vice President of Environmental, Social and Governance Engagement for Europe at Nestlé)

📈 One stat: A European Investment Bank analysis estimated the financing gap for agriculture in 2020 was between €19.8 and €46.6 billion, with an additional gap for the agri-food industry at more than €12.8 billion

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