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The cost of ‘conflict carbon’: Russia could face €30bn climate reparations bill for war in Ukraine

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🗞️ Driving the news: Carbon experts have found that Russia’s war in Ukraine has emitted close to 175 million tonnes of carbon dioxide over a 24 month period, which is equivalent to the use of 90 million cars annually
• The emissions could theoretically cost Russia nearly €30 billion in reparations for the climate damage it has caused

🔭 The context: Greenhouse Gas Accounting of War (IGGAW)’s report and assessment is the first to map the ‘conflict carbon’ emissions of any war on such a comprehensive scale
• In the context of war, the single greatest source of emissions is military activity, particularly the billions of liters of fuel used by vehicles, reconstruction needs, and damage to energy infrastructure

🌍 Why it matters for the planet: The analysis is the most recent and in-depth look at the climate consequences of Russia’s invasion in Ukraine, which lifts the fog of war to see the environmental costs of conflict

⏭️ What's next: The carbon emissions of the war will continue to grow, while the report’s methodology will continue to be developed and fine-tuned
• The research might face obstacles when it comes to the availability of data, data relies heavily on satellite data, governmental information, scientific studies and open-source intelligence, interviews with experts and industry reports

💬 One quote: “(The report) will be an essential plank in the reparations case we are building against Russia” says Ukraine’s Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Ruslan Strilets

📈 One stat: In Ukraine, satellite images have revealed that some 27,000 fires have burned nearly a million hectares of land 

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