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Smoke from hundreds of Canadian wildfires blankets northern US cities with air pollution

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🗞️ Driving the news: Over 1,000 wildfires raging across Canada are causing severe air pollution in the northern United States, leading to health risks for residents in cities including Chicago, Minneapolis, and Detroit
• These cities were ranked among the most polluted globally as of Tuesday, according to IQAir

🔭 The context: Canada is currently grappling with approximately 1,090 ongoing fires, of which over 670 are deemed "uncontrolled," with British Columbia being hit particularly hard
• Smoke from these conflagrations has traversed the Great Lakes area, impairing air quality in multiple U.S. states, and triggering air quality warnings for millions of inhabitants 

🌎 Why does it matter for the planet: The ongoing wildfires and their downwind effects contribute to the exacerbation of global air pollution, impacting public health.

⏭️ What's next: It's anticipated that the smoke will drift eastwards through the Great Lakes area and dissipate by Wednesday
• This situation coincides with a heatwave, with Minneapolis bracing for temperatures around 100°, and Chicago expecting high 90
• As a result, Air Pollution Action Days have been issued, advising at-risk populations to stay inside 

💬 One quote: “All Chicagoans may also consider wearing masks, limiting their outdoor exposure, moving activities indoors, running air purifiers, and closing windows." (The city of Chicago)

📈 One stat: Nearly 29 million acres of Canadian land have been scorched so far this year, according to the national fire center
• This marks Canada's worst fire season on record

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