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Setting the record straight: dissecting misconceptions about the UAE’s promotion of COP28 and Sultan Al-Jaber on Twitter

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By Khalid Mohammed Al Blooshi

· 3 min read

In the age of instant information dissemination, misinterpretations and misinformation can quickly gain traction. Recent claims by certain BBC journalists have asserted that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is utilizing fake AI-generated accounts to abstain from promoting the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) and the participation of Sultan Al Jaber. This article aims to provide clarity and address these misconceptions, shedding light on the UAE's actual engagement on Twitter.

Clarifying misconceptions

No use of fake AI-generated accounts

Contrary to the claims, there is no concrete evidence that the UAE is employing fake AI-generated accounts to avoid promoting COP28 and Sultan Al Jaber. The absence of such promotion might be attributed to other factors, rather than a deliberate attempt to use AI-generated accounts for this purpose.

Authentic engagement

The UAE's approach to digital engagement on Twitter aligns with principles of authenticity and transparency. The nation's emphasis is on providing credible information and fostering meaningful discussions rather than resorting to questionable tactics.

Ethical communication

The UAE has maintained a reputation for ethical and responsible communication. Engaging in the use of fake AI-generated accounts would contradict these principles and undermine the nation's credibility on a global stage.

Openness to dialogue

The UAE has consistently demonstrated its willingness to engage in international dialogues concerning climate change and sustainability. Its participation in COP28 signifies its commitment to these issues, and the absence of promotion on Twitter does not diminish that commitment.

Respect for diplomacy

The UAE's decision to abstain from using fake AI-generated accounts might be rooted in its respect for diplomatic norms and practices. The nation's communication strategies could be aimed at fostering genuine connections rather than artificial ones.


In conclusion, It is essential to approach claims and allegations with a critical lens, especially in an era where information spreads rapidly. The assertion that the UAE is avoiding the promotion of COP28 and Sultan Al Jaber on fake AI-generated accounts lacks substantiated evidence. The UAE's commitment to ethical communication, authenticity, and diplomatic norms should be acknowledged and recognized. Instead of jumping to conclusions, let's appreciate the nuances of the UAE's engagement in global climate efforts.

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About the author

Khalid Mohammed Al Blooshi is a student in Zayed University's dual credit program for computer science. He is a sustainability ambassador for Youth 4 Sustainability.

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