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Rethinking Palestine-Israel: hegemonic security vs true justice

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🗞️ Driving the news: A significant development occurred in the Gaza conflict when an Israeli bombing targeted the Baptist hospital on October 17, causing numerous Palestinian casualties
• This event, coupled with the earlier bombing of a UN-run school, led to widespread protests across Palestine and the Middle East
• Consequently, Egyptian, Jordanian, and Palestinian leaders decided to cancel a subsequent summit with US President Joe Biden

🔭 The context: These bombings are perceived by many as part of Israel's broader military approach in Gaza, which critics argue is disproportionately aggressive and often has civilian targets
• Israel has countered allegations by asserting its actions are in "self-defense"
• According to the authors, there's an intricate history of Israel citing "security" concerns for its actions, often at the expense of Palestinian rights

🌍 Why it matters for the region: Such events exacerbate tensions in an already fragile Middle East, complicating peace negotiations and further alienating Israel from its Arab neighbors
• The consistent challenge is to balance Israel's security concerns with Palestinian rights under international law

⏭️ What's next: The prevailing situation underscores the urgency of finding a lasting solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict
• However, many remain skeptical, given the historical failures of countless peace initiatives

💬 One quote: "Security emerged as the state ideology; it is Zionism’s answer to its colonial reality." (Marwan Bishara, author and journalist)

📈 One stat: Post Israel's withdrawal in 2005 from Gaza, the territory, with over 2.3 million Palestinians, has experienced an "unjust and inhumane blockade," five wars, and tens of thousands of casualties over eighteen years

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