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Rainforest carbon credit schemes misleading and ineffective, finds report

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🗞️ Driving the news: According to a study by the UC Berkeley Carbon Trading Project, Rainforest conservation projects, vital for carbon offsetting, are found unsuitable 
• The research suggests that the current system leads to inflated environmental impacts, fails to protect vulnerable forest communities, and is therefore not equivalent to fossil fuel emissions

🔭 The context: Carbon offsetting was considered a way for entities to claim they've balanced their emissions by funding reductions elsewhere, often in developing countries
• Halting rainforest destruction is essential for UN climate and biodiversity targets and carbon markets were supposed to direct billions to mitigation efforts

🌎 Why it matters for the planet: Carbon offsetting, if done right, could be a significant step towards global sustainability; however, shortcomings in the system, including potential exploitation, might impede genuine climate action

⏭️ What's next: The report urges governments and businesses worldwide to reduce deforestation causes, back indigenous conservation, and shift from purchasing offsets to a contributions strategy for rainforest protection
• Verra, a leading carbon standard organization, has pledged to tackle the concerns in their forthcoming carbon credit methodology

💬 One quote: "Our research entirely different approach is needed to reduce deforestation and cut emissions" (Barbara Haya, Berkeley Carbon Trading Project)

📈 One stat: The majority of credits studied did not have a positive climate impact, often displacing deforestation and even harming vulnerable communities

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