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Over half of von der Leyen’s food policy promises weren’t met, analysis shows

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🗞️ Driving the news: The European Commission's ambitious "Farm to Fork" strategy, a cornerstone of the EU's Green Deal, is facing significant delays and backlash, with over half of its initiatives still unlaunched, according to an analysis by Euronews
• Notably, a proposal on pesticides was withdrawn, and other key components like the Sustainable Food Systems Law have been indefinitely postponed

🔭 The context: Launched in 2020, the strategy aimed to make European food systems more sustainable by addressing production, distribution, and consumption
• Despite initial plans, the strategy's implementation has been slow, with a significant number of actions either delayed or not started, amidst farmer protests and political pushback

🌍 Why it matters for the planet: The "Farm to Fork" strategy is critical for the EU's environmental goals, focusing on sustainable agriculture practices, reducing pesticide use, and improving animal welfare
• Its delays and challenges highlight the difficulties in balancing agricultural policy reforms with the interests of farmers and the food industry

⏭️ What's next: With more than two-thirds of the strategy likely to remain unfinished by the time a new commission takes office in November, the future of "Farm to Fork" is uncertain
• The commission has begun a strategic dialogue on the future of farming, which may conceptually replace the original plan without directly mentioning it

💬 One quote: “The policy objectives of Farm to Fork remain valid,” a Commission spokesperson told Euronews, indicating ongoing commitment to the strategy's goals despite challenges.

📈 One stat: Of the 31 actions promised as part of the "Farm to Fork" strategy, 15 have not yet been initiated.

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