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Net zero was never going to be an easy win for workers

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🗞️ Driving the News: Politicians globally have emphasized that the green transition will usher in numerous jobs, aimed at reviving deprived communities, the reality, however, seems to be more nuanced, with some green projects resulting in significant job losses and concerns among unions and workers

🔭 The Context: Dialogue about green jobs is crucial in the present climate crisis, and the pursuit of cleaner, more sustainable energy sources is intensifying
• The transition, according to IMF, may necessitate the “reallocation” of a minimal 1% of employment in advanced economies, a seemingly manageable shift, but real-world complexities and regional discrepancies present substantial challenges

🌍 Why it Matters for the Planet: The global emphasis on green jobs is pivotal for achieving net-zero targets and combating climate change, however, the disparity between green and "brown" jobs, especially in terms of location, pay, and the less labor-intensive nature of green processes, means that equitable transition is as crucial as the transition itself

⏭️ What's Next: The ongoing debates and negotiations, as seen in the UK and the US, indicate that the realization of a truly equitable green transition will necessitate extensive dialogue and planning
• Innovative solutions, like the discussions in Germany about a four-day week for steelworkers, suggest the importance of incorporating workers' interests in the transition plans to ensure sustainability and acceptance

💬 One Quote: “A lot of people are turning their backs now on the green transition...Some people are saying, ‘do you know what? I prefer my job’” (Alun Davies, national officer for steel at the Community Union)

📈 One Stat: The average “green” job pays almost 7% more than the average “brown” job, but the reallocation and retraining, along with geographical discrepancies, mean that the transition is fraught with challenges and apprehensions

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