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Nature-based climate solutions: rebuilding trust in carbon markets

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🗞️ Driving the news: Nature-based climate solutions (NbCS) are essential for achieving net zero emissions, offering a cost-effective way to sequester carbon
• Recent research in Nature Climate Change provides a peer-reviewed assessment of over 40 NbCS, identifying those with the strongest scientific support for their greenhouse gas mitigation potential

🔭 The context: Despite their potential, NbCS faces challenges in attracting the necessary funding due to doubts about their effectiveness and the integrity of carbon markets
• This research aims to rebuild trust by distinguishing which solutions are backed by robust scientific evidence

🌍 Why it matters for the planet: NbCS could contribute about a third of the climate mitigation needed to meet the Paris climate goals, equating to around 7 Gigatons of carbon removal
• The study highlights tropical and temperate forest conservation and reforestation as having the highest confidence in their carbon mitigation potential

⏭️ What's next: The findings could guide investors towards supporting NbCS with strong scientific foundations, potentially leading to more effective and credible carbon markets
• This, in turn, could accelerate the deployment of these solutions at a scale necessary to combat climate change effectively

💬 One quote: "Science is about bringing intelligence to action. That is exactly what we do in this paper: review the best available information to determine which nature-based climate solutions are ready for prime time," - Peter Ellis, global director of natural science at The Nature Conservancy.

📈 One stat: Nature-based solutions could provide around 7 Gigatons of carbon removal, significantly contributing to the climate mitigation needed to achieve the Paris climate goals.

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