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My perspectives on the climate agreement in Dubai

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By Erik Solheim

· 2 min read

The climate meeting in Dubai finally agreed that the world needs to transition away from fossil fuels. This is fine and all the good people who worked hard for it should celebrate! Thanks to all!

However, I have attended nearly all climate conferences since Bali in 2007. I know the decision by itself is unlikely to have any major impact on the world.

My nation Norway, for example, has promised to cut carbon emissions by 55% in 2030. Last year we cut 1%. Yes - one percent! While signing on to the pledge Norway is not even close to delivering any transition away from fossil fuels. There are many Norways out there whose political leaders struggle to do the right things.

Still, I am an optimist.

It was not a political decision that transitioned the world away from horse transport. Daimler and Benz invented a better engine in Stuttgart.

It was not the old companies who made the information technology revolution. Steve Jobs held up the smartphone in California.

Phasing out of oil will not happen thanks to an agreed global decision. It will happen because LONGi, Tongwei, Goldwinds, CATL and many more renewable companies make solar and wind much cheaper and better than fossils. Solar energy has fallen 90% in price in a decade. Wind energy, by nearly as much. Add hydropower, geotherminal, green hydrogen and nuclear.

The green revolution will happen because people all over the world see that renewables are cheaper, better and more comfortable. No one who bought an electric car ever wanted to go back to fossils.

The Global Renewables Alliance will lead the advocacy! Please welcome the renewable revolution!

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