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Martin Fraenkel's 5 commodity themes for 2024...featuring Taylor Swift

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By Martin Fraenkel

· 1 min read

Global events in the past months have made one thing even clearer: commodity markets are increasingly interlinked. The relative value of different energy sources, their supply chain, technological innovation, and geopolitics are all helping to drive the transition to a more sustainable energy ecosystem. Martin Fraenkel unveils the five key commodity themes set to shape the year 2024, and delves into the interplay of global markets, social phenomena, geopolitical dynamics, and environmental concerns. 

From the "Taylor Swift Effect" to the evolving strategies of big oil, Fraenkel analyses the future of commodities amidst the backdrop of climate change, as well as electoral and economic uncertainties.

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Disclaimer: this video is an exclusive republication, having previously been shared on Martin Fraenkel's LinkedIn page

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About the author

Martin Fraenkel, a seasoned C-Suite executive, led transformative initiatives at various companies, including S&P Global Platts. As President (CEO), he drove revenue growth and cultural change. With expertise in ESG, Energy, Commodities, Data, Information Services, Exchanges, and Fintech, he excelled in M&A and regulatory compliance. Notably, he played a key role in multimillion-dollar acquisitions. Committed to Diversity and Inclusion, he draws from judicial experience in the UK. A sought-after speaker, he frequently appears in media and conferences worldwide, including CNBC, BBC, World Economic Forum, and Chatham House.

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