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Leak reveals ‘touchy’ issues for UAE’s presidency of UN climate summit

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🗞️ Driving the news: A document leaked to the Guardian reveals a list of "sensitive issues" for the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the host of the upcoming UN climate summit
• The document details the government-approved "strategic messages" about various topics, ranging from the UAE's increasing oil and gas production to people trafficking

🔭 The context: The summit briefing, focused on renewable energy and hydrogen, conspicuously omits any mention of fossil fuels, placing the UAE's sizeable oil and gas expansion plans — ranking third globally — under criticism for contradicting net-zero objectives amid the dire need to limit fossil fuel combustion to mitigate severe climate change impacts

🌎 Why does it matter for the planet: The implications are significant because the document highlights the conflict between the UAE's role as a leading oil and gas producer and its hosting of the global climate summit
• It raises questions about the sincerity of the country's commitment to reducing carbon emissions and transitioning to cleaner energy

⏭️ What's next: Despite these concerns, the UAE asserts that it is working to reduce emissions, claiming that the dual role of Cop28 President Sultan Al Jaber, who is also the CEO of the UAE national oil company, is beneficial, as his experience can drive meaningful action in energy, climate, and diplomacy

💬 One quote: "These pages of tediously crafted talking points rip the green facade off of this fossil fuel presidency. Anyone who reads this should have alarm bells ringing." (Pascoe Sabido, Corporate Europe Observatory)

📈 One stat: The UAE had the third biggest net-zero-busting plans for oil and gas expansion in the world

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