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India's devastating monsoon season is a sign of things to come, as climate and poor planning combine

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🗞️ Driving the News: The Indian Himalayan region faces unprecedented devastation during this year's monsoon season, with heavy rains causing extensive damage to property and farmland, resulting in 428 deaths and over $1.42 billion in property damage in Himachal Pradesh alone since June

🔭 The Context: Climate change, attributed to human activities, is exacerbating extreme rainfall events in the Himalayas, leading to heavier and more unpredictable monsoon seasons
• Local experts and environmentalists point out that unregulated development practices, including building on flood- and earthquake-prone land without adhering to environmental regulations and building codes, contribute significantly to the damage

🌍 Why it Matters for the Planet: The intensification of monsoon rains due to climate change affects regions like the Indian Himalayas, leading to a higher likelihood of destructive weather events
• The impact is exacerbated by unregulated development, which disrupts natural drainage systems and increases soil erosion, compounding the devastation

⏭️ What’s Next: To address the challenges posed by climate change and unregulated development, it is crucial for governments and local authorities to adopt comprehensive climate action plans, enforce building codes, and prioritize environmental assessments for development projects
• Such measures are essential for mitigating the cumulative impact of years of unaddressed devastation in the region

💬 One Quote: "Those in power really need to step up" (Sanjay Chauhan, an apple farmer and former mayor of Shimla)

📈 One Stat: The Indian Meteorological Department reported a 431% increase in rainfall in Himachal Pradesh during July and a 168% increase in August compared to typical levels, leading to landslides, building collapses, and widespread damage

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