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How wild rice forecasts climate change

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🗞️ Driving the news: Manoomin, the wild rice sacred to Indigenous peoples of the Upper Midwest, is under threat due to climate change and human activity
• However, initiatives by individuals like Dr. Dwayne Jarman and communities such as the Anishinaabe are aiding in its revival through careful stewardship and traditional practices

🔭 The context: Manoomin, also known as "good berry" in Anishinaabemowin, is deeply entwined with the cultural identity and traditions of the Anishinaabeg
• This aquatic grass requires specific environmental conditions, making it highly vulnerable to deforestation, temperature changes, and extreme weather

🌍 Why it matters for the planet: Wild rice is an indicator species, reflecting broader ecological health
• Its decline highlights the impacts of climate change on ecosystems and the importance of biodiversity in maintaining environmental balance

⏭️ What's next: Restoration efforts include legal actions to protect manoomin under historic treaties and partnerships with academic institutions for research
• These measures aim to ensure the long-term survival of wild rice and support the cultural heritage of Indigenous communities

💬 One quote: "The rice is the canary in the coal mine," said David Wise, an Ojibwe rancher, emphasizing the plant’s sensitivity to ecological changes

📈 One stat: In Southeast Asia, phenomena like El Niño, exacerbated by climate change, are expected to increase temperatures and reduce rainfall, leading to delayed planting and reduced rice yields. Such heatwaves can stress rice plants, impairing their growth and reducing yield by about 10% for each 1°C increase in night-time temperatures during the dry season

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