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How living materials from algae can best capture carbon

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🗞️ Driving the news: Scientists from TU Delft have discovered optimal growth conditions for microalgae in photosynthetic engineered living materials (ELMs)
• These algae-based materials, capable of converting CO2 into sugars and oxygen, show promise for applications in CO2 capture and oxygen provision for biological tissues

🔭 The context: ELMs with photosynthesizing algae are an emerging class of materials with potential societal impacts
Challenges in controlling the growth of cells within these materials have limited their larger-scale use
The research focused on how cell growth is influenced by factors like material shape, light exposure, and access to CO2 and nutrients

🌍 Why it matters for the planet: The development of ELMs that efficiently utilize photosynthesis can contribute significantly to CO2 capture and oxygen production
This innovation aligns with sustainable practices and addresses environmental challenges like high atmospheric CO2 levels

⏭️ What's next: This research paves the way for future interdisciplinary studies in biology, materials science, and engineering to enhance the properties and functionality of photosynthetic ELMs
It holds potential for diverse applications, including artificial engineering of biological tissues

💬 One quote: "The study of cell growth within ELMs is crucial to their efficient use and optimized functionality," (Marie-Eve Aubin-Tam, Biophysicist, TU Delft)

📈 One stat: Algae, including cyanobacteria, fix approximately 50% of global CO2. This is despite contributing only 1% to global biomass

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