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How ‘diversity fatigue’ is changing companies’ approach to hiring

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🗞️ Driving the news: OneTen, a nonprofit coalition formed by major companies to promote racial equality in hiring, has shifted its focus towards skills-based hiring and promoting workers, moving away from purely diversity-focused initiatives
This change comes in response to evolving social climates and legal challenges to race-based affirmative action policies.

🔭 The context: Founded after George Floyd's murder in 2020, OneTen aimed to elevate 1 million Black workers into better jobs over a decade
The Supreme Court ruling against race-based affirmative action and growing controversy around such hiring practices have influenced OneTen's strategy, leading to a broader, skill-focused approach

🌍 Why it matters for the planet: The shift towards skills-based hiring could enhance workforce diversity and inclusion, promoting social equity
This approach also addresses the growing need for skilled workers in a diverse and aging workforce, potentially impacting economic sustainability and growth

⏭️ What's next: OneTen's pivot to skills-based hiring is part of a broader trend, with potential long-term implications for workforce diversity and corporate hiring practices. The approach might lead to more inclusive and equitable employment opportunities across various industries, benefiting a wider range of workers

💬 One quote: “There is a fundamental business reason for companies to convert to a skills-based hiring system, beyond all the social justice themes that got us off the ground,” said Kenneth Frazier, Chair of OneTen

📈 One stat: So far, the coalition of companies in OneTen has elevated 108,000 people towards its goal of 1 million, in about 30% of its allotted time frame

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