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How climate change is raising the risks of another pandemic

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🗞️ Driving the news: A comprehensive new study published in the journal Nature indicates that human alterations of natural ecosystems, including pollution, habitat destruction, and climate change, are significantly heightening the risks of disease spread across various species, including humans

🔭 The context: This research synthesizes data from hundreds of studies involving diverse organisms and pathogens to analyze how multiple environmental disturbances might compound to increase disease risks
• It highlights how climate change and biodiversity loss, in particular, make environments more conducive to parasites while diminishing conditions for human and wildlife health

🌍 Why it matters for the planet: The findings stress the broader implications of environmental degradation not just on wildlife but on human health, underscoring the potential for increased pandemic risks through spillover events from animals to humans
• The study adds an urgent dimension to the discourse on climate change and biodiversity conservation, linking them directly to global health security

⏭️ What's next: Given the linkage between ecosystem disruptions and heightened disease risks, policies that aim to protect and restore natural habitats could be crucial in preventing future pandemics
• This involves concerted global efforts to mitigate climate change and preserve biodiversity

💬 One quote: "It could mean that by modifying the environment, we increase the risks of future pandemics," said Jason Rohr, a professor involved in the study, summarizing the potential consequences of continued environmental degradation

📈 One stat: Diseases and mortality in environments impacted by human-induced biodiversity loss are nearly nine times worse than those expected under natural conditions

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