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Horrific Libya flooding made up to 50 times more likely by planet-warming pollution, scientists find

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🗞️ Driving the news: A recent scientific review indicates that human-induced climate change, along with other human factors, intensified the recent severe rainfall and subsequent flooding in Libya and other Mediterranean areas
• The World Weather Attribution initiative deduced that human-induced climate change made the deadly rainfall in Libya up to 50 times likelier and increased its intensity by 50%

🔭 The context: Over the past month, the Mediterranean experienced severe rainfall, with Storm Daniel causing significant damage and numerous fatalities, especially in Libya 
• Poor infrastructure and construction in flood-prone areas further intensified the devastation

🌎 Why it matters for the planet: This event exemplifies how human-induced climate change can amplify the severity and likelihood of extreme weather events, thus resulting in devastating impacts on societies and ecosystems
• For each 1°C rise in temperature, air can hold approximately 7% more moisture, leading to more intense rainfall

⏭️ What's next: To prevent future catastrophic events, it's imperative to develop efficient early warning systems, evacuation plans, and address climate change and infrastructure vulnerabilities
• Enhancing resilience and reducing vulnerabilities are vital to protect lives against increasing extreme weather events

💬 One quote: "Through these events, we are already seeing how climate change and human factors can combine to create compounding and cascading impacts" (Maja Vahlberg, Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre)

📈 One stat: An estimated 4,000 individuals lost their lives in Libya, with over 10,000 still missing due to the catastrophic rainfall and subsequent flooding

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