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France, Norway, UK: which countries are leading the floating offshore wind race?

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🗞️ Driving the news: Floating offshore wind technology, which allows wind turbines to be deployed in deeper waters, is expanding the potential for renewable energy production in previously untapped regions
• This innovation is expected to make wind energy viable in the Mediterranean and other areas with deeper seas

🔭 The context: Europe currently leads in floating wind technology, accounting for 88% of global installations, with significant projects underway in France, the UK, and Norway
• France is set to develop the world's first commercial floating wind farm, while the UK aims for 5 GW of production by 2030

🌍 Why it matters for the planet: Floating wind technology can significantly enhance global renewable energy capacity, enabling wind power generation in regions with deeper waters
• This is crucial for achieving climate goals and transitioning to cleaner energy sources, reducing reliance on fossil fuels

⏭️ What's next: European countries, along with Asian nations like Japan and South Korea, are exploring and investing in floating wind projects
• The development of ports and infrastructure to support these projects is essential, along with government support to ensure economic feasibility and attract investments

💬 One quote: “Floating offshore wind is a crucial player in the battle against climate change,” said Lorenzo Palombi of BayWa r.e. “Its unique ability to tap into markets incompatible with bottom-fixed technologies and unlock areas with higher wind potential positions it as a key solution”

📈 One stat: Europe boasts 208 megawatts of floating wind capacity, making up 79% of new additions last year and maintaining its leadership in this technology despite losing its top spot in overall offshore wind to the US and China in 2022

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