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Finding climate havens

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🗞️ Driving the news: Extreme weather events, fueled by climate change, are leading individuals to reevaluate their living situations
• Climate adaptation expert, Jesse Keenan from Tulane University, anticipates major shifts, including the potential relocation of his institution due to these environmental challenges

🔭 The context: Not all places are equally affected by climate change
• Regions such as the U.S. Midwest, inland Northeast, and northern Great Plains may encounter fewer climate challenges, while globally, Canada, Russia, and Scandinavia could become refuges
• Yet, intriguingly, migration trends indicate a surge towards hotter places like Phoenix

🌎 Why does it matter for the planet: As global warming intensifies, it's crucial for individuals and communities to identify areas that might offer relative safety from extreme weather conditions
• The geographical positioning and available resources play pivotal roles

⏭️ What's next: While some areas are more climate-resilient, no place is entirely immune
• As the planet continues to warm, extreme weather will become more frequent, necessitating adaptative measures ranging from installing more air conditioners to potentially relocating entire communities

💬 One quote: “Another Katrina is going to happen. I tell my students this: ‘Within your lifetime, Tulane will no longer be a university. Your alma mater will relocate or disappear because of where it is.’” (Jesse Keenan, climate adaptation expert at Tulane University)

📈 One stat: Detroit, Cincinnati, and Buffalo have seen population reductions by the hundreds of thousands since the 1950s, suggesting potential for new inhabitants in these climate-friendly geographies

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