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Facing backlash, some corporate leaders go ‘under the radar’ with D.E.I.

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🗞️ Driving the news: In response to increasing backlash and legal challenges, some corporate leaders are adopting less conspicuous approaches to their diversity, equity, and inclusion (D.E.I.) initiatives
This has caused some companies to reduce the visibility of their D.E.I. efforts, shifting focus from public measures like mandatory anti-bias training to more subtle strategies such as diversity task forces

🔭 The context: The scrutiny of D.E.I. programs has intensified, with over 20 states considering or passing laws targeting these initiatives
This shift comes after the Supreme Court's decision against race-conscious college admissions and criticisms from high-profile business figures, leading to a reevaluation of D.E.I. strategies within companies

🌍 Why it matters for the planet: The evolution of corporate D.E.I. strategies reflects a broader societal and legal debate on affirmative action and racial equity
These changes in corporate culture have significant implications for workplace diversity and inclusivity, impacting social sustainability and equality

⏭️ What's next: While some companies are downsizing their visible D.E.I. efforts, others are doubling down, finding new ways to continue promoting diversity and inclusion despite legal and social challenges
The future of corporate D.E.I. initiatives may hinge on balancing legal compliance with the ethical imperative for workplace diversity

💬 One quote: "The pessimists say, 'This is a terrible moment for D.E.I., D.E.I. is over, the sky is falling,' I want to ask people what they think D.E.I. actually is." (Kenji Yoshino, NYU School of Law)

📈 One stat: Three-quarters of employers surveyed by Littler Mendelson reported no change in their approach to D.E.I. following the Supreme Court ruling

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