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COP28 Digest - Day 9

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By illuminem briefings

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illuminem summarizes for you the essential news of COP28. Enjoy below the summary of the most recent developments:

🗞 Today's Headline: COP28 resumes with a focus on fossil fuel phase-out or phase down, with Christiana Figueres, former UN climate chief, unequivocally supporting a phase-out
• Research from the Food and Agricultural Organisation highlights the significant impact of livestock emissions on climate
• Meanwhile, indigenous rights are being emphasized in the clean energy transition

🔭 The Global Context: The debate over fossil fuels has intensified, with views divided across various groups of stakeholders
• The FAO has underscored the need for sustainable practices in food production

🌍 Why it Matters for the Planet: The decision on fossil fuel phase-out is crucial for global climate goals, with significant implications for investment and policy
• The spotlight on livestock emissions highlights the importance of sustainable agriculture in climate action
The call to protect Indigenous rights during the clean energy transition emphasizes the need for equitable and inclusive climate solutions

🌐 Stakeholder Spotlight:
• Christiana Figueres, fmr. UN Climate Chief: Advocates for a clear phase-out of fossil fuels, emphasizing its importance for investment decisions
• Chris Bowen, Australia’s Climate Change Minister: Pledged AUS$150m (US$100m) in climate finance, mainly targeted at Pacific countries
• Food and Agricultural Organisation: Provides critical data on livestock emissions, influencing discussions on sustainable agriculture
Indigenous Groups: Their open letter calls for the protection of Indigenous rights in the clean energy transition, highlighting the need for consent in land use decisions
Global Native Groups and Allies: Urge COP28 negotiators to ensure Indigenous peoples' rights are secured during the transition to clean energy

⏭️ Look Ahead: Negotiations will likely focus on reaching a consensus on the fossil fuel phase-out versus phase-down debate
• Discussions on sustainable agricultural practices and the integration of Indigenous rights into climate policies are expected to gain momentum, potentially leading to new commitments and action plans

💬 Key Quote of the Day: "If we want a step forward in this COP, then we cannot compromise on phase out." (Christiana Figueres, emphasizing the need for decisive action on fossil fuels)

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